Social Media

Social media is your best way to reach new readers. Engagement in several platforms ensures saturation into your friends, readers and your readers friends and so on. It has the possibility to spread virally and with only initial effort. This is simply a modern form of advertising but with the added advantage of interactivity.

We can help you by designing a professional social media marketing campaign with all the images to fit in the various social media platforms you choose. It’s almost as easy as pie!


Banner Ads

Banner ads are another form of web marketing that should be considered. Banner ads can be placed on the sidebar, header, footer or within content on websites. They can be still images, or animated. When clicked, these can take you to a page where the user can purchase your book, or learn more about it.

Due to specific design requirements, pixel dimensions and file sizes, these ads can be confusing and intimidating. We can take the fear out of banner ads. Let us recommend the best way to display your ad, and produce high quality graphics for you. We can even work with the vendor so you don’t have to.


Book Renderings

A book rendering is the best way to show a reader your book, especially if it’s digital or not even printed yet! A rendering is simply taking your book cover art and displaying it on a “book form”. This can be in a 3D rendering, in a scene with props, or maybe in a clean white environment. Any way you do it, the reader can see you mean business.

We can create your book cover or take your pre-existing art and make a rendering for you. Then, we can format the rendering to fit social media sizes you request, or format for your website. We make it easy for you to look good.



As an author, if you don’t have a website, you basically don’t exist. In today’s market, people want to research more about who they are spending money with. If you need a website or have a “homemade” website you want to upgrade, we can help you.

We can give you the web presence you deserve. Our team of talented artists and developers will give you a website that you will be proud of and actually use! Give us a call so we can get your new site up and running.